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This course can no longer be booked.

Soda Fire Workshop

July 7-20 with Cody Breese Thomas, Beginning to Intermediate Class

Cody Breese Thomas is a studio potter and professional graphic designer from Muskegon, Michigan. Under the tutelage of Alfred University Alumni Peter Johnson, Cody began taking pottery lessons at the age of eight, enabling a lifelong passion for experimenting with the balance between form and function. Currently, Cody is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Art at the University of Nevada, Reno, where he is studying sculptural ceramics while also working as an instructor at The Wedge Ceramics Studio in Reno, Nevada. He has spent time as an apprentice at Terrestrial Forming in Whitehall, Michigan, a lab tech at Truckee Meadows Community College, and currently sits on the board of Tuscarora Pottery School. Cody is an adept sculptor and production potter, having spent countless hours tuning his technique for maximum efficiency while also exploring the vast realms of form, line, texture, and gesture. Furthermore, Cody works as a freelance graphic designer, allowing him to apply both the commercial aspects of his profession as well as design elements and principles to his ceramics practice that inform the practicality of his medium as well as the fluidity of his aesthetic. This class will be Cody’s debut workshop with Tuscarora Pottery School, in which he will share the techniques that he has developed over a lifetime of passion within the ceramic arts. Through dynamic instruction tailored specifically to the needs of each student, he will offer lessons exploring the concepts of symmetry and asymmetry, gestalt principles, mood, gesture, form, and function, as well as the more technical aspects of soda firing in The Great Basin. Join us in Tuscarora for a 14 day throwing intensive where you will have limitless access to the knowledge, tools, and techniques necessary for refining your craft alongside peers who share your passion for clay. We use studio mixed clay that we sell at cost. We use a raw-glazing technique, glazing un-bisqued pots. We have a large selection of studio glazes which will be fired in our soda kiln to cone 10 using propane as fuel. Students will have the experience of making, glazing and loading their work into the soda kiln as a group. Students are asked to arrive the night before the class begins, to meet and have dinner with their fellow students and get acclimated before class the following morning. __________________________________ Details: $2500: $500 deposit due at booking $2000 balance, due June 16th

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