Elaine Parks

Elaine is a full-time resident of Tuscarora

and is the onsite contact for the

Pottery School as well as a board member.

If you are visiting Tuscarora and are interested in seeing the pottery school,

you can contact Elaine at 323-636-6262



Every summer session, Tuscarora Pottery School selects a professional artist to come spend 2 weeks with us, making work of their own choosing and firing along with students in both our soda firing kiln as well as our alternative firings such as raku, saggar, or barrel.  The artist is paid a $250 stipend to work on their own body of work in our resident studio, given space in all kilns to fire their work as well.  


If you would like to be considered for the Artist In Residence position, please contact Jerry Hendershot at or call (208) 863-4532.  All residents are chosen based on portfolio and sample of current work.  Artists are asked to donate 1 piece at the end of their residency to the Pottery School collection.  

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Tuscarora Pottery School - PO BOX 33  -  Tuscarora, NV  89834 -  (208) 863-4532 - -  Find us on Facebook!