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COVID Update: At this time, you must be fully vaccinated, including boosters, to take an in-person class at the Tuscarora Pottery School. Please email a scan/photograph of your vaccination card after registering to

All Workshop classes have a cancellation date of  3 weeks prior to the start of class with a $25.00 cancellation fee.

Weekend Throwing 
Saturday and Sunday,
July 2 & 3 

Instructor: Goedele Vanhille

4 spots left!


This two day session is an introduction to throwing. We ll cover all the steps involved in how to make a pot using the wheel from centering to opening, shaping walls and then, once leather hard, trimming.

We 'll cover the different parts of a pot and how they all relate to a pleasing functional vessel. Beginners will be encouraged to focus on cups and bowls to gain an understanding of the throwing process to become comfortable with it. Intermediate students will be challenged to explore more complex forms and hone their skills.

This class is geared toward people who live within driving distance from Tuscarora. The price of this class covers tuition, studio access and 25# of clay. Pieces will be fired at a later date, outside of this class session, to be picked up when finished.

We ll start at 9.00a.m and finish at 5.00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Not included in the price is food (bring your own) and lodging (contact us if a room is needed).

Join us for this new weekend-offering of playing with clay!

Tuition is $185 

Final payment and online signed liability waiver due by June 11, 2022.

Cancellation by June 11, 2022.


Limited to 7 students.

From Ground to Fire

Wednesday, July 6, 2022 -
Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Instructor: Terry Shepherd

2 spots left!


This workshop is about exploring and discovering what useable clay deposits may lurk below the surface of Tuscarora, Nevada. What clay lies in wait we will find and make vessels in celebration of the age old methods used by mankind throughout the centuries!

We will prospect for native clay around the geology of Tuscarora. The first 3 days will be spent gathering and processing clay for use. Pulverizing, wet mixing, sieving and drying to a plastic consistency. Hand-building techniques including traditional coil, pinch, scrape and burnish as inspired by Navajo and Mata Ortiz traditions will be explored to make decorative vessels. Terra sigillata techniques of surface finish will be demonstrated. The work made will be pit fired with wood in both oxidation and reduction firing for black ware finish. 

Come prepared to work up a sweat and reap the rewards of making clay vessels in the most archetypal of methods since the beginning of time!!!

Tuition is $850 and includes room and board for 6 days, plus the arrival evening and departure morning.


Final payment and online signed liability waiver due by June 16, 2022.

Cancellation by June 16, 2022.


Topics covered vary depending on the individuals enrolled in the workshop but can include the basics of getting started on the wheel--centering, learning to throw functional forms as well as more advanced topics like altering thrown pots, learning to throw larger pots, developing your own glazes using natural materials in your environment, and so forth. We work with a couple of different stoneware clay bodies we purchase pre-mixed, glaze it raw (i.e. no bisque fire), and single fire in a soda kiln to cone 10 using propane as fuel. 

In addition, we have a raku kiln for doing some extra firing while waiting for the big kilns to cool at the end of a session.


Class sizes are small (we limit the residency to 6 participants) so there is ample opportunity for one-on-one interaction with the instructor(s).   Positions are filled first come first serve with deposit.

Emphasis is on meeting the individual student at his or her skill/interest level and working from there. 

The price for two weeks includes room and board and glaze and firing. There is an at cost charge for commercial clay and the school clay. Tuition is  $2,500 and includes room and board.

Final payment and online signed liability waiver due June 24, 2022.


Cancellation date June 24th.

Assembling the Doll:
The Process and Practice
of Creative Intuition

Sunday, August 7-
Sunday, August14, 2022

Class Full 
email Elaine
to get on the wait list at

IMG_8393 (1).jpeg

Instructors: Gail Rappa and Elaine Parks 

For many of us the noise of the world these past couple of years has drowned out our ability to listen to our intuition. The act of collecting found objects and assembling them to create a finished piece requires the artist to look for and at the materials, listen to what the materials say, trust that knowing, and then follow that guidance through the creative process, over and over again until the piece is complete. 


Join us for this 6 day workshop that will be equal parts play, process and practice. Participants will be encouraged to push themselves toward their artistic edge by trusting their intuition to create dolls incorporating clay, metal, fiber and found objects.  


The workshop will cover working with cone 5 clay, handbuilding, glazing, using an electric kiln, and use of cold connections for attaching a variety of found objects. We will create a safe environment for sharing and critiques that will happen throughout the workshop.

Tuition is $850 and includes room and board for 6 days, plus the arrival evening and departure morning.


Final payment and online signed liability waiver due by July 17, 2022.

Cancellation by July 17, 2022.

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